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New Boot saga

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I have skied for 2 holidays in hire boots and experienced extreme pain in the ball of my feet.  I took advice and bought my own boots and had a custom liner fitted.  The first pair was a Nordica size 24.5.  I went to an indoor ski slope and managed about an hour in the boots as they felt like my toes were being completely crushed and the foot pain was no better.  I went back to the shop and they re-fitted me with some different boots.  The fitter said that the Nordica boots were the correct size if I had been an experienced skier but as I was a beginner I may benefit from a larger boot.  I now have a Technic size 25 which has inflate able air cushions in.   I skied yesterday in these on the indoor slope and I did not get the crushing feeling in my toes however the balls of my feet were still in pain and I also experienced extreme deep muscle pain in my calf.   


I do practice Yoga regularly and have excellent extension in my ham strings and was surprised to feel this pain in my calf.  I am at a loss what to do - it seems to me that the pain in the ball of my feet is not going to be resolved by the boot size or the custom foot bed -however I am not sure why I am getting calf pain as I have never experienced this when skiing.


I have high arches and I can only assume that I must be loading all the pressure on the front of the foot.  I have read on some sites that maybe a heel lift support could help me!!


I am desperate to sort this out as I really do not want to spend another holiday in pain.


yours hopefully!!



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First let me say I love your name.  Do you mind if I use it as a pen name for some articles I'm working on?  Soft yet tough, Dynamite!


It is impossible here without more information to say what is the problem but there some basic possibilities.  Your insight is correct that boot size probably won't solve your problem and it is likely now that your boots are to large.  Speaking for myself if given the option I don't fit beginners differently from experts.  Comfortable boots are comfortable boots and everyone needs them to fit closely enough to offer control.


Your information about flexibility would eliminate one possibler cause if you had said you have good range of motion in your ankle (Achilles and calf muscle) but you mentioned hamstrings which I'll say is probably not involved in this problem.


I think you should be examined by a clinician for ankle joint range of motion and also examined for foot alignment and possibly foot orthotics.


Hire boots tells me U.K. I think if you look at the list you'll see at least one of us is U.K based. 


Good luck



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it was the indoor slope bit that gave away your location


sounds (and we need to look at the boots to be sure) that the problem is not with the boots but with your ankle joint or something else in the chain..... the boots now do sound as though they could be too big in the 25.... have you read the wiki at the top of thye forum? this gives you information on how to perform a shell check to see if they are the correct size....my money is that the smaller one was better but  limited joint range of motion or a poor supportive insole is stopping you form being balanced in the boot


good luck


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