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Lake Louise card

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Has anyone had experience of using the Lake Louise card?


It looks like a great deal for cheap lift passes at LL and Kicking Horse (got a trip planned to that part of the world for Jan '11) but it is restricted to residents of West Canada. However I have a friend who lives in Edmonton so I'm wondering if I can use her address? Is proof of address required when collecting the card at the Lake Louise ticket desk?

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You can go to an automated machine to pick up your tickets, and all you need as a "password", is your birthday. It will work fine.

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I just activated my Louise Card online. All I really needed was an Alberta postal code and now I'm ready to use the automated machines at Louise. If you intend to use it at Kicking Horse or Castle, I would think that a passport would be sufficient ID. When Kicking Horse was on a card with Panorama I recall having to show picture ID when I first used it. In any case it will be worth it for the Lake Louise discount.

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As gnjanzie said, KH used to ID with their Snowmax.


Castle, KH and Louise are quite the combination though.

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