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Breck 11/20-11/21

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Skied Breck this weekend and it is coming along great. Skied Chair 6 and the t-bar pretty much the whole time


Chair 6:

Pretty good snow coverage, however due to the sun exposure and warmer temperatures the snow was a little crusty. Best skiing was to the left of the chair or taking the traverse to contest bowl. Bumps still aren't very large due to the runs just having opened but coming along nicely. Runs I skied had fairly consistent size and shape and decent lines through them.



Horseshoe Bowl was punchy Sat but was very nice Sun. The entrance has a very thin covering, take rock skis or be careful picking a line. Past the entrance coverage was fairly good and the snow was nice and soft Sunday. This is November so coverage can't really be a complaint as this is the earliest opening of this terrain in recent memory.


Contest bowl was pretty much rock free and had great snow all weekend


Right of the T-bar ( Pika, white crown, ect) was by far the best skiing on the mountain. Good early season snow and a nice soft, wind loaded top layer. There was also almost no people on these runs.


Winds will play a large role on what is skiing well off the t-bar



For before thanksgiving skiing the conditions couldn't have been better and as long as it keeps snowing this will be a great season. Remember that it is early season though, due to the large amount of snow the last few weeks a lot of people are skiing the mountain like it is mid season. I was guilty of this and had a rock snatch my ski from me and send me for a nice 150 yard slide down the Horseshoe bowl.


Another six inch base and Breck will be set for the season. Stay safe and be careful out in the early season conditions.



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I skied Horseshoe Bowl pretty much all day on Saturday -- must've had 10 or so runs through there.  Lulu's was fantastic.  If you went straight down the gullet, it was lovely as well, but there were a few rocks poking up their heads here and there.  The key was to look for the lines with windload -- the wind was buffing it up pretty nicely.


Copper on Sunday had better snow.  And given that they (Breck and Copper) got 8" in the past 2 days and are forecast to get another foot by EOD Wednesday, it should be an absolutely fantastic turkey day weekend.  And this is before December!  Unbelievable -- you can't fathom how good it is out there.



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