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round #1, $99.99 each, all drilled once (except iggys and capitals)

right to left..

1) Iggy FaGS (fat GS) 185, mid to stiff flex, 115/87/100, drilled a few times (see pics, last one is for her 265mm salomons), used a few days on a tune, ski only, I'm keeping the NEW pink/purple 997's
I bought them for skibee, but she likes her explosives more.

2) volkl explosive, 190, older vintage, with extra tip protectors, just tuned

3 &4) volkl eplosives, 180, 2 pairs, both tuned

5) volkl explosives, 173, both tuned

6) capital customs, 184cm, 130, 105, 120. drilled a few times, med to stiff flex. Again bought for skibee, but she likes explosives better. light scratches

7) Atomic helistar, 180, 135/115/125, med to stiff, just tuned






round #2, $50 obo.

#1) volant Chubbs, 165cm, 110/85/100ish, drilled once, flat, no plate, not bent.

#2) Volant Sin, 165cm, 110/80/110, drilled once, corners of the "topsheet" are chipping.

#3) Atomic heli 3pack. 170cm, 124/99/115, yes this is a 3pack of skis.
red one has some cap delam form an impact, one brown one has impact delam and drilled twice, one brown one has a bubbled base (iron overheating)? For someone this can be a great rock skis, or lighter touring setup. $15/ski, ya, its cheap still

#4) 180 volkl explosives, missmatched skis, older one has some edge showing that might come out in a tune? was left outside for a few years I think.

#5) Fischer 106, 135/105/120, some cap damage from impact.





all prices are plus shipping ($40 ski only) for paypal or emails.


best to follow the TGR thread for updates, or just email me.