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Ski Swap

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Just back from the local hill' s annual ski swap. It was 34 F when I arrived at 9:30 and 61 F at 3:30 when I came back to pickup what didn't sell. Sadly this time of year, I went to the driving range and hit golf balls in between. Anyway, when I was picking up my stuff, I spotted a pair of Tecnica Explosion 8 or 10's in mint condition. I always thought the Explosions were great looking boots and always wanted a pair. My nostalgia kick, got interrupted when I looked at the price posted $225!


This boot has to be what 15 years old now? Anyway got a good chuckle out of it and its a good thing as they were my size and if they were $50 I probably would have bought them.  

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You went to Mon Valley?
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It was the Mon Valley Swap Sunday at Seven Spings.

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Originally Posted by roundturns View Post

It was the Mon Valley Swap Sunday at Seven Spings.

I saw the announcement for it over on DCski.

I think a combination of things is going on here:

1) swaps with an up-front fee (either a selling table fee or an admission fee) tend to distort the lower end of the price range. People are simply unwilling to price lower-value goods at a price that doesn't give them a healthy margin.

Very, very few sellers will price something at $10-$20 in a $5-to-get-in swap, even if $10 is exactly what the object is worth on Fleabay.

2) The recession is making swaps a non-value relative to new product, because of _demand_.

I think this is also becoming true of price-discounter stores like TJ Maxx chains (Marshall's, etc).
The true deals have simply been shopped out at $cheap venues. People are shopping for any product at the generally $cheap venue (swap, discount store) instead of shopping for true deals at the usual venues.

3) The recession is making swaps a non-value relative to new product because of _supply_.

People want high $return on their used goods or they simply will not part with them.

2007 or newer? Hold on to it with a tight fist 'coz it ain't gonna be replaced anytime soon.

Old but "new" looking? Price it the same way single copies of books get priced on Amazon.com, $75 for a paperback/$300 for hardback and one sale makes your day/week/month.
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