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Advice on Line Prophet 90s with bindings/plates

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Hi everyone,


I'm looking to get a new pair of skis before the season really gets underway, and would really appreciate a little advice from some folks who know a lot more than I do (which would basically be anyone here). Some quick background:


I'm 6' 0", about 140 lbs, 25 years old. I've been skiing in Montana for about 8-10 years now, but only about five days a year. I'd consider myself on the higher end of intermediate, and I prefer some powder, trees, and off-piste, although I also do plenty of groomed and the occasional bumps. I've only owned one pair of skis that whole time (probably time for a new set, huh?), and they're straight-as-a-rail Rossignols at 185 cm, although to be honest I don't even know the model, as it's not printed on the skis themselves in any obvious way and I knew literally nothing about skis when I bought them. They've treated me well, but it's time to move on.


I'm looking for an all-mountain ski that will handle most conditions well, as I can't really afford to own more than one pair. I got to try a pair of Line Prophet 90s in 179 yesterday, and liked them a lot (although to be fair, everything I tried was pretty interesting since I've been using the same set of skis for eight years now). I'm thinking of going in this direction, but still have a few questions.


I've read in other threads here that the Prophets ski shorter than they really are because they're twins. Would 172s be too short for me? I don't think there would be a problem with 179s, but I'd like to lean on the short side of things if I can.


I saw a pair yesterday that had a set of Head Mojo 15 bindings mounted to a 13mm riser plate. I don't know much of anything about plates, and I'm still a bit confused after reading through a few threads here. What are the advantages/disadvantages to the plates? I've seen a few comments about them giving better grip while carving on groomers, but is it enough to be noticeable? Would they make sense on the Prophets, which sound like they're a bit weaker on the groomed stuff? Any downsides to be aware of?


Anything else in general that I should know/consider/ask before I take the plunge?

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I don't think a riser plate makes sense on these ski.  That's usually just used on carving skis.  However, the Mojo 15 is a great binding for this ski.  That, a Marker Griffon/Jester, Look P/PX series, and Salomon STH series bindings are all great choices for the ski.  The length seems correct for you for what I've heard about that ski. that ski.  Plus, if that's the length you tried and liked, there's no reason not to get it.

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Thanks Rauch. I assume if I ended up getting those skis but didn't want the plates, I'd have to unmount them, then drill and mount the bindings again? Seems like a bit too much work for me.


Anybody else agree/disagree with Rauch?

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It's a great setup like that. But I may be biased. If the pair you saw was on eBay, those are mine. Buy and enjoy the ride. Shoot me a pm if you have any specific questions.

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