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Tyrolia TD8 length adjustment

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I just bought a used set of skis with Tyrolia TD8 bindings already mounted to them, currently the bindings are too far apart for my boot, is there any way to move the rear binding closer as it looks as though it is on some rail system, or do the bindings need to be re-drilled?


Thank you,


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Looks like the heel has 24mm of adjustment. You may have to remount.

This from:




tyrolialogo.gif (1604 Byte)

model description 1997/98 TD 8
version 1




target group  Performance
DIN-Setting (Z)  3-10
bodyweight (kg)  from 31
lbs  from 67
set weight (g)  2310
color variations  4
mounting jig  92
Power Drive  Yes
Free Flex  No
Free Flex Plus  No
Power Select  No
Carve Flex  -
T Shock  -
Double Free Flex  -


mat. housing GFK
mat. pincer Plastic
automat. soha Yes
Diagonal Yes
Full Diagonal Yes
Race Diagonal No
elasticity hor. 27
elasticity ver. 16
length adj. range -
stand height 17
toe type Lite


mat. housing


mat. heel lug GFK
Diagonal Yes
length elasticity 11
vertical elasticity 14
length adj. range 24
stand height 26.5
ski brake type PB


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I don't see how to adjust without remounting, does anyone know anything about these that can chime in.


Thank you,


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If you can't fit your boot within the adjustment range where they are now, then you will have to have them remounted. It does not sound like this a DIY project for you right now but study and educate yourself. You will have to get the tools required. You will still need to take them to a certified Tyrolia shop to be checked, forward pressure set, and DIN set. Maybe just take them to a shop.


Anyway, here is some reading material.

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Maybe something to consider here is that if in fact the bindings are from the 1997/98 model year, they are unlikely to be on the indemnification list?   And shops might reluctant to remount?  Someone else might have better insight on this than me ...

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They are indemnified, If they were non-indemnified shops wouldn't be 'reluctant' to mount them, they CAN'T service them in any way. The shop isn't being jerks, they sign a contract with the binding manufacturers which prevents them from working on bindings that have exceeded their service life.

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