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Blown Liners

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I noticed on anouther thread that one of the bears has purchased some "Blown in liners" I use to have Dachtein V4 boots, I freekin loved them. are these liners close to the old V4 fit and feel?

If so who does them and what do I need to know about them. It was so important to get them done right with the V4 as not to screw up the liners I am guessing the same for this.

I wanna know who has the best? are they part of the boat or added instead of the liner that comes with the boot? if they are as good I wanna know where and how much? ( I like a stiffer boot as I said the V4 was soooo nice a boot all the way around)

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foam injected liners are definitely still available form many shops, the most important thing is getting the shell shape and size as close as possible to the foot, this way you get an even layer of compacted foam around the foot, using foam to fill up gaps in a bad shell selection is a bad idea


as to if they feel and fit like your old V4s can't tell you that, only you know how your boots felt,  but it is still a 2 part foam that is injected.... the foam has got a little more user friendly ad in some liners a little softer compound which makes for more comfort, but as i said shell selection is paramount... also worth considering may be zip fit liners (similar type fit but pre padded and filled with a cork flow material and not chemical foam) Foam is not the liner for everyone, some people cannot tolerate it some people love it 


as for where you get them done, i can't comment for any of the guys on your side of the pond, there will be a good number doing them, check the wiki at the top of this forum and you will find a list of high level fitters who post on the forum, one may be close to you..if not consider getting sorted when you get to the mountains with one of them


good luck getting sorted 

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