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So, I have been skiing for about 8 years, but not extensively each year (7 or 8 weekends each year) and have wanted to get a new pair of skis for me. I have recently been getting into the park doing mostly jumps, a little bit of pipe, and a few rails (still trying to get a hold of it... kinda suck big time right now, but practice makes perfect ya know?). I'm about 5'11" and 165 lbs. I still spend a good amount of time on the groomers and do a bit of the deep powder stuff too so I'm looking for a ski that won't sink in the deep stuff and can do well enough on the groomers to get me around, but also affords me the luxury of being able to go to the park and stomp out some jumps. What are yall's thoughts about the Salomon Suspects? Also, any suggestions on some good bindings for them? I have looked into these because they are right up my price range ($400-500 with no bindings) and seem to fit into the build that I want out of them. Will I be pissed off with these and have to purchase new skis soon or will they be able to hold up to a fairly light work load but still do well enough for me? Thanks guys, I appreciate any thoughts you might have. Suggestions on other skis are also more than welcome and appreciated!