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Switching from youth to adult skis for teen

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Our 13 year old son is about 5.5" and weighs about 120 (not to mention his shoe size is now 11.5!) Last year he was skiing on K2 Indy Jr. skis, size 146, he has had a growth spurt since then.

He will be 14 in 2 months, he's been skiing since age 4, and is a great all around skier - doesn't race.

We ski mainly on the east coast, on groomed trails (when there is snow)

Our skis are in storage, but I'm pretty sure they will now be too short.


I'm concerned about adult skis for him because he doesn't weigh that much - must we switch at this point?

Any advice on brands/lines to look at?

He has a soon to be 10year old brother who will be getting all the gear at some point.


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You're on the right track.....

At that age, its time to look into a soft-ish adult ski, besides which, his growth spurt, including boot size, would suggest that he should be in an adult binding.



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Just went through this last year with my son who was 16, same weight, maybe an inch or two shorter, same type of skier except bumps and occasionally trees find their way onto the menu.


He demoed a bunch of different skis, some of which he didn't like, but few he couldn't handle. However, depending on where we were, it wasn't always easy finding men's skis to demo in  lengths under 165.


Ultimately bought him a pair of lightly used Dynastar 8000's in a 158, and he's been very happy.

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That's a good point about the length - I was just talking to my son about it and I was wondering whether he should demo women's skis since most men his height would weigh 15-20 pounds more than him. Garylk, did you ever try that?

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Even though a lot of the women's skis are softer flex, there are some that are fairly stiff and unforgiving.  The best thing to do is get him into some good fitted boots and have him demo a variety, including the Dynastars that gary's son ended up getting.


IIRC the Fischer line has some good skis in that category as well.

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If it ever gets cold enough here for man made or real snow, hopefully we can demo! meanwhile, we are researching boots as well......

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We didn't try women's skis because my son thought the graphics were kind of girly.


It may be worth your while to subscribe to realskiers.com - that will allow you to look through the various manufacturer's lines and see which skis come in the desired length as well as some idea of their characteristics

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Going to a soft flex adult ski is a good way to go. Just make sure the leve of ski is not to low. Look at the Atomic Smoke, and skis loke that.

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There are many skis that have a (example) carbon and metal versions, the carbon versions are the way to go for a lighter person. Blizzard magnum 7.4 or 7.6, K2 Photon or Shockwave are two good options. 

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I can highly recommend KOA. I think he should demo the167cm. You can still find some last season skis at a great price. They don't look girly at all.

This is from:         http://www.realskiers.com/


KOA 84 My Stylefemale specific

versatile koa 84
126/84/112 (17m) 150,159,167

This female-specific companion to the Watea 84 is one of the highest scoring Fischers we've tested. Our skiers absolutely loved it.

"This is a really great all mountain ski—good in all conditions." and "one of my favorite skis of the test. Forgiving yet stable, For many skier types." and "Great Ski! No problems. Best woman's all mountain as of yet!"

It doesn't get much better than that . . .

groomedoffpowderbumpsice eliteexpertstrongsport
clean carve: 5
smooth drift: 5
accurate: 5
stability: 5
rebound: 4
quickness: 5
lightness: 5
relaxing: 4

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