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Leki Closed Slalom Guard

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I bought a pair of Leki Closed Slalom Guards, but it's rather difficult to get them on the pole. When I check internet the only poles I find using that guard are the Lekis with the red handle, so an older version I think. The ones I have are the slalom poles with the yellow handle, but I can only find examples of this pole with half open guards... Do you guys know if the closed guard should fit on every Leki slalom pole? It would be rather strange they keep selling them when they don't fit anymore, but on the other hand I can't get them on the pole! On the top of the handle I just can't put that screw.

I have the left pole but the middle handle





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Use the little red aeroplane to push out the pin in the side of the grip. That lets you remove the little black plug in the top of the grip, opening up a hole. Then you should have a little metal screw cup that goes into the hole in the grip. Place cup in hole and push the pin back through to fasten everything in place. Then screw the yellow guard into the metal screw cup.


That should do you.

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I've had problems using Leki guards on non Leki poles - if the poles don't have screws in the handles I get a hammer and screwdriver and force them in, then a second screw about 0.5cm beside the first one when it start to loosen after a few months

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Check out  They have an adapter kit to fit any full coverage handle on the new Leki S yellow handle poles.

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This pole and guard should work fine together.  First, you do need the adapter in the top of the grip; this will have a metal socket for the screw to go into.  This is about $10 at your ski shop. Then, put the little rubber grip inside the plastic guard, set the opening at an angle to the pole and PUSH!  Its hard, but it should snap on fine..just watch your fingers.


Good Luck,


Ski Crazy in MN

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Leki stuff sucks when your trying to use it with a non-Leki piece of gear.  Those should work just fine with the adaptor kit though (but Scott is still way better :P)

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