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Large Boots (32.5) and sole length

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Hi everyone! as you can see i am VERY new to the forum here but I had a pair of questions for 'the boot guys'


I planned on ordering the 32.5 mission rs 12 by salomon but they STILL havent pumped out any large sizes yet. Does anyone know why they wait longer to make the larger sizes?


Second question is since Salomon is beating around the bush, I am thinking of buying boots elsewhere. I got my new bindings mounted for 378cm boot sole lengths (the mission RS 12 sole length). If i go with a nordica 32.5 mondo will the boot sole length be the same? or will i need to adjust the bindings?


Sorry if i showed bad forum juju in any way !


looking forward to reading around the forum!


-Alaska Boomer



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all 32-34 boots will be in the 360-380 range, so you will for sure have to have the bindings adjusted, and a small chance that you will have to get them re-mounted.


most binding systems will not go that big, and most flat mount skis, will need some moving of the mounting jig to make it work too.  Not a big deal for most good shops.

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it is not that they take longer to make bigger boots but normally in production you start in the middle of the size curve (the ones that sell the most) then work out the way...as 32.5 is right at the extreme end of the size curve and they will sell 10s of boots in that size rather than 100s or 1000s they are the last boot sizes to get produced 


in respect of the other questions see Daves post above

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Finally, not to say your boot size is incorrect but I assume you are about 6'8" tall and that you and your feet don't fit in the same space.




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@Lou im 6'4 230 and 32-33 is sadly my size.

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We are all bootfitters, hence we view with skepticism most persons estimates of their correct size. The reason? Most folks make some incorrect or abstract correlation between their shoe size and boot size. The result of this is that the vast majority of skiers and particularly those at the fringes of the size spectrum are often skiing in boots that are grossly oversized.


Now.....you may really be a 32-33 size guy........I really don't know but Tyler who works with me at the Starthaus is 6-4" 240 lbs and he measures a 31. Tyler chooses to ski in 30 shell b/c he prefers a tighter fit but the point is that even a size 14-15 shoe is often just a 30 or 31 boot. We can't tell you for sure but if you get properly measured on an accurate ski boot sizing device, you may be surprised at the outcome.


Please not my emphasis on measured size........this beats guesstimates every time.



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Jim and others: i appreciate the advice and you are prob correct but this was my justification:



i tried on 30.0 technica agent 110 and couldnt get foot in

i tried on dalbello 31 aero 57 and couldnt get all the way in

31.5 salomon rs 12 fit but were unbareable

and some lange 32s were doable but i just didnt like the boots


thats why i decided to go with the 32.5 mission rs 12 and when i called the company, a tech rep gave me the size sole length 378 mm

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Sorry, but you are really going about this the wrong way. Unless you have an abnormally shaped foot, there is almost never a justification for upsizing over your measured size. Remember, these are ski boots not sneakers and as such  they are not generally thought of as being easy to put on. Please readdress the sizing thing starting with an accurate measurement. After that, you need to stay with that size and figure out out how to get it on your foot. A larger size is NOT the answer to that particular issue.



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Hi AB,


     I would suggest your read the WIKI at the top of "Ask the boot guy's" about shell sizing "Which boot will fit me"---SJ is right, You need to go about this the right way.  If the boot is hard to put on---try pulling the tongue and liner to the side and the other side of the liner in the other direction---this will open up the shell and the liner and make it easier to get in, most folks push the tongue forward and it make a blockage in the liner.  Also be aware the liner is always sewed up shorter than the inside of the shell and will need to stretch to fit you, there for it will seem really tight when first put on, if heat molded will feel snug and will break in over the first few days of skiing.



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We don't mean to beat up0 on you but, your measured size is necessary in order to p0urchase the correct boot size.  The fact that nearly the entire world keeps trying on boots untill they find comfortable ones is the reason the people answering this forum are able to make a living doing this.



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