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Advice For Tahoe

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We are thinking of visiting Lake Tahoe this year. 3 guys, all 3 are advanced level 7-9 skiers. Was thinking about staying at Harvey’s in South Lake Tahoe. Skiing 3 days Heavenly, 1 day someplace else. Any thoughts? Not sure which Hotel is best. Not sure if skying Heavenly 3 days is too much. Thanks in advance.
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For the one day, maybe sierra/northstar at tahoe? Northstar is on the north, and sierra closer, on the south side, west of heavenly.

There are a bunch of packages and areas where you could stay, but one that is good would be Ridge View. They are located very close to heavenly too (can take shuttle in a matter of minutes).

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If you are indeed Level 7-9 skiers, then you will be disappointed by most of Heavenly terrain.  My advice is to either spend 3 days at Kirkwood and a day at heavenly- make sure that one day is a bluebird though, as the views are killer.   Or go to North Shore and spend 3 days at Squaw Valley and a day at Apline or Northstar.  Both Kirkwood and Sqauw have plenty of terrain that would challenge skiers of higher levels.  Keep in mind that terrain ratings in the East and in the West are very different- what passed for a black diamond in the East will often be marked as an intermediate run in the West. 

Good luck. 

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Originally Posted by alexzn View Post

If you are indeed Level 7-9 skiers, then you will be disappointed by most of Heavenly terrain.



This is one of our big concerns.  We will probably rent a car instead of simple transfers.  $lightly more money, but tons more flexible. 


I also have heard there is a bus shuttle to Squaw and a booze cruise home. I skied Squaw a number of years back and want to give it another go.  K22 kicked my ass before shaped skis.

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I would suggest renting an SUV or another 4WDyou will only need it if it snows, but that's when you actually need the car the most... A right line on KT22 will kick anybody's ass shaped skis or not.

A drive from South Lake to Squaw is not a short drive, as most of the times, the shorter way around the lake is not open, so you need to drive the longer way around the east shore.
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If you're staying in South Lake I'd hit Heavenly one day and combine it with some night life.  Then hit Kirkwood two days, and finally Sierra-at-Tahoe.  Kirkwood gets the most snow of any of the resorts there and is worth the drive.

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Sth Lake Tahoe has plenty of really affordable accom. Grab the airport shuttle to the casino area, and maybe a cab to your accom. Then get the Kirkwood shuttle (for $10?) or the free (2 hour trip) shuttle to Squaw with the $65 (iirc) Tahoe Queen dinner cruise back. Or look at's accom near Alpine Meadows & Squaw, eg at Sunnyside.

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We are going to stay at Harvey's for $100/night - includes lift tickets to Heavenly. 


We will be there for 4 days.


I think we will pay extra and ski at either Kirkwood or Squaw for 1 day.  ororjdfksaj


If (as Alexzn warns) we find that Hevenly is not challenging enough, we can do a 2nd day at a different resort.

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You'll have fun. Good night life. A group of us stayed and skied Heavenly. We only skied one day at Heavenly. We also skied Squaw and Kirkwood. Heavenly was the least challenging out of the 3 but still worth the experience.

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You need to do heavenly once, just for the experience. 3 is probably overkill and you'll spend too much time traversing to the good terrain. The best skiing, IMO, is at kirkwood. Sierra is a must, especially with the opening of the canyons, and Mt. Rose is less known and worth checking out on the North end. I'm not huge on squaw, but if you need to make decisions I suppose you should tackle it while youre there. If you're willing to look you can find deals; Sierra emails out 2 for 1s and McDonalds has coupons for kirkwood. You'll save big bucks off of full price at heavenly, and quite frankly the skiing will be better especially at kirkwood. It's tahoe, though, you can't go wrong.

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I would think a bit about what the advice is so far-


-you are staying at the base of a 4800 acre bohemouth resort, right outside your hotel, and everyone is telling you to drive for over an hour to go elsewhere all but one day?  


Heavenly is a two day resort.  Its enormous.  Spend a day in Nevada and another in California.  I doubt you will be disappointed.  If you ski a couple other spots go to Kirkwood, and then either Kirkwood again or to Sierra.  Driving clear around to the north makes no sense if you are staying in SLT.  


Spend your time skiing, not in the car !  Its winter, anything can happen in the car.  Don't risk it with long drives.  If you want to hit Alpine and Squaw stay in Truckee.

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Assuming road conditions are reasonable, you would be sorely mistaken to not make the trek up to Squaw.  Yes, it's a bit of a drive (albeit a scenic one, if the road on the Emerald Bay side of the lake is open).  Yes, it's heavy on 'tude.  But the place is legendary for a reason:  there is tons and tons and tons of absolutely stupid in-bounds terrain.  If it's a powder day, though, plan on being there early, as the place will be cut to ribbons by 11 AM.   


And everyone keeps saying Kirkwood, which is a rad hill in its own right, but it's also a bit of a drive from South Lake, is pretty light on vertical and has one of the most poorly laid out lift systems in the history of ever.  


Your mileage may vary.

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