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Help me..

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hey, i am in the market for a new pair of ski's and was wondering if you could help me out with finding a new pair?

- i am an intermediate to advanced skier, i ski all the mountain excluding park

- the pair i ski on now are k2 omni hawks and was looking to go up to a pair of twin tips.. (due to the trend)

- i am 5'6 and about 140 pounds


if you could help me find a good pair that would be reasonably cheap and would serve me well that would be appreciated

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I may be bias because of my love for this up and coming seller, but I would say go on the Iclantic Shamans or Pilgrims. Other than that I have a friend that loves a pair of K2 Silencers, so look them up too. Other than that go to your home resort's website and see when different companies are coming up to do demos and try stuff out.

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