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Need Suggestion on used skis for woman in East Coast

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Hello everyone, I am new to epicski. I found epicski while I was looking to get a used performance skis.


I don't want new skis since it's too expensive. I am hoping to get a pair of used performance skis which could last for 5-6 years for around $200.


I am 5'3" 125lbs. Looking for all mountain skis which are good on moguls and tree trails. Most of the mountains that I am going are on icy side. If it includes high speed stability, it will be nice, but I don't do high speed much. 


I have been looking for a used atomic supercross sx9 or sx10 in 149cm, but I start to wonder if it's a right skis for me. I am used to skis with binding toward the center. I am not sure if atomic sx binding could be adjusted to that position.


Please help!!


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Most atomics comes with Neox bindings which can be moved fore & aft on the ski. There are two different default positions by rotating the clip around the center mounting screw. More options are available if you move the toe & heel piece on the mounting rail relative the standard BSL #s. It's very easy once you have done it once.


Whether the SX series is the right ski for you is another story. Depending on personal preference and skiing style. 


BTW, I loved the SX11 - really fast pair of ski.     

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Thanks for your reply, KingGrump. 


Do you have another other suggestion other than SX? It's very hard to find one used of my size.



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The SX series skis are actually pretty stiff for bumps & trees. They behave better on groomers and hard snow.


We are a family of German/Austrian ski addicts, but in the last couple of years, four (04) women in the family have switched to the Salomon Lady ski as their everyday ski. Even for the glistening 'packed powder' of Killington.        


My wife is about the same with you regarding height & weight. She ski on a 153 cm comfortably. She ski 60+ days per season. It's her go to ski for both east & west skiing.


The Salomon Lady had not changed for the last 3-4 years so there should be a few used pairs around. It's a really good all around fun ski. Not as edgy as the Atomics.


If you prefer the edge of the SX - look for a pair of Atomic Metron 9. One of the most under rated ski series. Usually too much ski for most. They like to be on edge and not skidded. 

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The SX9 was my main ski for about 4 years. It's a very versatile on piste ski; an ice skate with a  fairly soft tip (that somehow doesn't flap at speed) which let's them be workable in the bumps.


They've got a slalom footprint, love to be on edge, don't really like to skid ,and while the wide shovel keeps them from diving, they have zero float in any kind of 3-D snow. You can certainly ski them in the trees, but you can do much better without little sacrifice in on piste performance.


You might try the Nordica Olympia Victory. We bought these for my daughter two years ago; she's a little smaller than you but a similar skier and went with a 146. They absolutely rip on the groomed, and you'll really appreciate the extra 10mm or so underfoot on anything ungroomed. She loves them.

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Thanks a lot for the suggestion, KingGrump and Garylk. Now, I've got more choices for my new used skis. 

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Have a look at Dynastar Exclusive Active or Exclusive Fluid. 

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Ok, thanks, Ghost =D

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