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Careers in the Ski Industry?

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I work in IT as a systems admin supporting high-scale, high-transaction load infrastructure. I've always wanted to work in the ski industry but didn't know how to break into this industry. Anybody in the ski industry that are IT techs and engineers that can share some knowledge?

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Simple - look for job openings and apply.


We have one right now - http://www.moonlightbasin.com


I'm starting interviews tomorrow.

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Moonlight would be a dream!  Too bad I have a certain level of income and job stability as a requirement... 


The "industry" is fickle.  Go into it with no debt, and do what you can to stay that way.  A career in the industry is not going to put you on the map financially (unless you know someone or you're the best of the best of the best of the even better) , but it can be a great stop off along the way.  I wish I had come out of college with less debt.  I would have tried.  That said, I've been in the industry in some way/shape/form since about 1993, and it's fickle.  Good luck - if it's your dream, follow it if you can afford to!

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Start out part time. Like Axe said, unless you know someone or get VERY lucky, it will be really hard to make a living. This is why I am in the mid-west, I found a niche here and the pay is not bad (but certainly not great). I also got lucky and found a wife who does brings in pretty decent pay. There is no way we could live off my income alone. Apply at shops, ski hills etc, and just get a foot in the door.

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Originally Posted by JDoyal View Post

Start out part time. 

This makes no sense.

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I meant for him to keep a "real job" and get in part time at a shop or hill. That way he can still pay his bills and eat.

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OP, you didn't specify if you wanted to live in the ski country or just be in the ski biz. with IT, you may want to look into working remotely(maybe consulting), then you could live near a ski area and this would allow you to be closer to the mountains


if you want to actually be in the ski industry, one of the main issues can become your heaviest working months are right in the middle of prime skiing. some shop owners & ski reps actually have trouble finding the time to get out and ski.

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