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Movement Source

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Hello, first time posting here so dont bite ;).

I'm really interested in the Movement Source and theres not alot on it on the web. I talked to some shops and they all rave about it, riding well on and off piste. Does anyone who has them wanna share their experience?

Do they ride shorter than their official lenth? (how much shorter)

I am 6'4" and 180#, I have the option to buy the 193cm model from last year for 400 bucks or the other models for the regular price. Im would put STH 14 Drivers on them. I am riding the 2008 K2 Seth 179 right now and they are too short for me now. Id say im about a level 7-8 skier, skiing in Whistler.

Would the 193 or 185 be better? taking out of consideration the price difference.

Thank you :)

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Sorry that I can't comment on the Source but I own the Movement (Yaka) Jam and have nothing but positive things to say about that ski.  Build quality and durability of Movement's stuff is excellent and they generally have been skis with a high performance level (based on having skied a number of their skis before).  I do not find the Movements to ski short.  If I were to describe the feel of Movements, I'd say that they are characteristically light and torsionally stiff with good edge hold for the width of the ski.  I find that they like to be pushed - the more you put into them, the more they come alive.


This link will probably give you more meaningful info:



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I rode the Movement Logic in a touring setup during my AST L1 and found their quality, sturdiness and feel amazing. They really felt indestructible. I was first looking at the Sluff, but they seem to fat for hard pack. I need ski's that ride fairly well on groomers as I am working as a Ski Instructor, and the Source look like they have good dimensions and a fairly short turn radius. I just dont have enough money to buy 2 skis right now so I need it to perform excellent off piste, maybe even well in slackcountry. The jam look interesting aswell, with the narrow underfoot and huge tip.

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