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TR: Keystone in Novem-buary

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Colorado got dumped on last week along I-70.  I finally got a chance to take part in some of the bounty.  Keystone on a bluebird Friday.  It was an amazing day in November that looked more like January.  North facing snow was still soft and amazing.  The south facing stuff was cooked and had refrozen.  It was still fun with some hidden untracked goodness.  After this weekend's storm the Colorado mountains will be full on. 


Breckenridge from the Outback Lift 

Keystone Panorama


Heading Down to Paymaster

Schoolmarm copy.jpg







The Spring On Loveland Pass Has A Boil Warning!!!


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Thanks. That's nice. In the pretty second shot the reservoir looks like Tahoe because it's not totally frozenicon14.gif

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looking good.....  is there increased geothermic activity?  early snow followed by volcanic activity?  Better get the goods while you can....

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Great shots--some of the best snow Keystone has had in a couple seasons, and it's only November--with more snow in the forecast. The only way you can tell it's not February is the unfrozen Lake Dillon, which certainly adds to the early season scenery.

Copper Mountain (my new "home") has reached nearly a 40" base already (36" so far)--the magic number where everything gets pretty well covered and the skiing all over the resort becomes first-rate.

Yes, Colorado's early season skiing is the best it's been in a long time. I skied Arapahoe Basin yesterday, and the snow is spectacular. They were even turning the lift in Montezuma Bowl--a sure sign of its impending opening! Should be excellent for our EpicSki Academy, now less than two weeks away. Colorado skiers--this is the time to come out and prepare for what looks to be an Epic season. Take the next step in your skiing--sign up and join us, if you haven't already!

Best regards,
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Bob, I didn't know you went back to Copper.  I think I saw you on Sunday at the base, but I didn't think it was you because you were in a Copper uniform.  I'll look for you this weekend.



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