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Alta Opening Day

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First day of the season at Alta and it didn't suck. icon14.gif  Last year at this time the area was closed, so it is hard to complain. I took a number of pictures so you can see the coverage, but there were plenty of areas that had only the barest minimum coverage, if that, but then other places were quite good for this time of the year. Add to that the storm which will come through this next week, and it is a pretty good start to the season. Plus I got to eat one of the Albion Lodge's raspberry bars. Looks like they did some more work on the road up LCC and improved it a bit. 


Here are some pics:



Sugarloaf lift



View across Mineral Basin at the Snowbird Tram station



Top of Collins lift



Stone Crusher -- the only problem was getting there




Hard to believe High T was open.




On the way to Greeley




Not bad under Wildcat



Some of the best snow on the mountain.





They put safety bars on the Sunnyside lift chairs, so all of you who complain about no safety bars at Alta can't complain anymore. Then again, that was the only lift where I saw them and I never saw one used, so maybe they're just for show biggrin.gif




Great start to the season, but I'm glad I had my rock skis.



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Color me jealous!

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see you tomorrow Alta!

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