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Eastern shops to mount fat skis?

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Oh . . . my . . . Gadd!  My supplier tells me early December for delivery of my Bentchetlers - better late than never!


I've read all about where to mount them on the ski, including Chris B.'s recommended -2.5 for all-mountain free skiing.  What I want to know is where in the northeast to get them mounted.  My supplier in central NYS offers availability of product and free mounting included, but based on my past experience and that of some acquaintances, the shop work sometimes isn't up to highest standards, especially with more exotic gear (and these fat boys are pretty exotic for these parts.)  I'm pretty picky with my equipment, and hope to love this stuff for years to come.


I remember reading a while back (on a more Rockies-oriented forum) from a guy who was worried about getting his BentCs mounted in Colorado because he had heard there was only one "factory" template for mounting said skis in all of Colorado!?!?


I'm sure there must be someone between the Mohawk Valley and the Northeast Kingdom who can be trusted to do a good job, and I trust that some members of this very forum may actually know of and can (strongly) recommend some place where the work is high-quality and perhaps even reasonably priced.  You know, a place where I might even think about getting to know them better for future services.


I gladly will entertain all recommendations; many thanks in advance . . .


Oh, a little about myself:

    - I'm 52; 6'0"; 185#; NSP; PSIA Level Who-gives-a-shit?

    - I've taught myself to ski in places where I seldom see skiers my age

    - Although I'm always friendly enough out on the mountain,  I probably would not want to ski with you, even if you are really good, because what I would prefer is for you to stay out of the woods that I choose to ski at any particular time

    -to prove it's nothing personal, I may very well be happy to share some Long Trails with you apres, who knows?


A light blanket of lake-effect snow around here today. Psyched . . .

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My friends granddaughter and I were looking online at new skis to get her for this season when she, at 9 years old, commented that the topsheets of the Bentchetlers looked like a poster hanging in her little sister's room. "Looks like a little girls ski" she said.

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