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Can a car rental company back out of a reservation?

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Here's the deal. Spending Xmas week in Park City with the family.  I searched the internet to find the best deal on an SUV for that week.  I have a confirmation/reservation #.


My concern is that I was able to book a full size SUV (thru Budget) at such a low price that I'm concerned they might not honor it when we arrive. Usually when I travel, I'll keep checking rates as they usually get lower as the time gets closer to the date.  I don't usually travel Xmas week though.  The major rental co's are up to about $1400 for that week now. My reservation is for around $400. 


I'm just trying to avoid having to pay an extra $1000 at the last minute.


Am I worrying for nothing?

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I'd make sure to print out all of the details of your reservation so  you have proof of the size/class of the car you paid for.  

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I have been able to get such deals before and they were accepted.

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This one time I flew into SLC, I reserved a full sized SUV (Exhibition), when I got to the counter, they had none and gave me 2 Explorers..it worked out much better. 

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I think somewhere buried in the fine print, they can, but rarely do.  Take your paperwork and you should be fine.  

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Since the reservation is not binding on you they technically can end up giving you something else. But look in the fine print of your reservation to see what the terms are. Perhaps call the manager of the location and offer a deposit?

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I've been lucky as you were and got a great deal way in advance on an SUV at DIA.  It was honored.  The worst thing a car rental company has done to me is upgrade me from a small SUV to a Durango when they didn't have a smaller one, same price.  Gas mileage sucked, but I think you'll be fine.

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We would suggest printing out your receipt and taking it with you when you check-in to pick-up your rental vehicle.  Whatever the price is on your confirmation is the price you will get the car for.  You have scored a great price on an SUV.  Car rental companies, especially those at an airport tend to have an surplus of vehicles to prevent mishaps from occurring.  If they do not have the category car that you requested, they will offer you a substitute.  Often, this turns out to be an upgrade for most renters.  However, if they do not have the SUV or similar size vehicle in their inventory, or any vehicle, most reputable companies will contact other nearby locations or sister companies in an effort to accommodate your request. If they have exhausted all remedies and there are just no cars available due to some unusual occurrence, there is probably little else that can be done.  

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During the total solar eclipse on Hawaii in 1991, the car rental companies oversold their reservations. Normally there are many last-minute cancellations and no-shows. This time, however, everybody showed up, and many people with reservations were turned away with no car at all. It was quite the panic at the Hilo airport.

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