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Ski Sizing Help...Beginner

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I think I put this post in the wrong section originally..so I'll try and repost here....



What's up all. Colorado native here, was a 10-15 time per year snowboarder forever but took a break for a few years.  I'm gonna get back into it but I'd rather ski now as I outgrew my snowboard and really just want to try something different. I skied a few times as a kid, but it has been 10 years. I'm looking to buy some cheap used skies online, but I'm not sure what size to get. I'm 21 years old,  5'11" and 185 pounds. My plan is to ski 10-15 times this season and buy a the 5mtn pass next year...What can I say, I'm a college kid in Colorado and it's what everyone else is doing on the weekend, I might as well! Is 167cm too long? I've found a few good deals but honestly I'm not sure what size to buy. I would love some input. Any other advice would be awesome too! Thanks for your help!!

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There's a lot more to skis than length so I hope someone who actually knows something will answer you. But as for length I'm 5'8"-5'9" and about 125-130 lbs and I ski 164 cm and 170 cm skis. But I know most skiers of my size prefer shorter.


Here is one ski length calculator http://www.frostyrider.com/tips/size-guide-skis.htm  

If I lie that I'm aggressive expert I can get up to 160 biggrin.gif


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Boots.  Get fitted for boots first.  Then skis.


Crappy fitting boots will make the best skis ski like crap.


Good fitting boots will make crappy skis ski less crappy.


Just my experience, YMMV.

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You should get some good fitting boots. If you have followed this board much you will know that this is the first priority. If your boots don't fit right, it won't matter much what ski is under your feet--they will all equally suck.


With that being said, ski size is a variable that depends on a lot of factors, not just weight and height. Forget about the ski size calculators or any of that stuff.


Once you have good fitting boots, you should take a lesson or two on rental skis. Ask the instructor for a ski reccomendation. You should then proceed to demo a number of skis if you can.  


Once you have done all this, we can then offer some ski advice that will make sense, as you will have experience on modern ski equipment and can put the advice into perspective.

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Definitely look into buying boots before skis.  You can rent a few different skis to see what you like -- many places will even let you "demo" three or four different pairs of skis in a single day for the same price as one.


When in doubt, for 'all-mountain' or 'carving' skis they should usually be between chin-high and the top of your head.  Shorter is easier to turn, longer is more stable at high speed or in chopped-up crud.  (Generally.)

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