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Need Help With Ski Sizing

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What's up all. Colorado native here, was a 10-15 time per year snowboarder forever but took a break for a few years.  I'm gonna get back into it but I'd rather ski now as I outgrew my snowboard and really just want to try something different. I skied a few times as a kid, but it has been 10 years. I'm looking to buy some cheap used skies online, but I'm not sure what size to get. I'm 21 years old,  5'11" and 185 pounds. My plan is to ski 10-15 times this season and buy a the 5mtn pass next year...What can I say, I'm a college kid in Colorado and it's what everyone else is doing on the weekend, I might as well! Is 167cm too long? I've found a few good deals but honestly I'm not sure what size to buy. I would love some input. Any other advice would be awesome too! Thanks for your help!!

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Ski sizing is a constantly moving target.  The correct ski size depends on the skier's weight, height, strength, ability, skiing speed, and the ski's design.  Basically the ski needs to respond the the energy the skier puts into the ski.


As skis are made longer, they are made to be somewhat proportionally stiffer.  The longest ski length in a particular brand & model line of skis is usually much stiffer than the next one down so it is suitable for the biggest, strongest skier on the mountain.  And, skis intended for expert skiers will be stiffer than skis intended for beginner or intermediate skiers.  The stiffness of the ski is one important criteria of how the ski responds to the skier.  An advanced skier on low level skis can not get good performance from them...they just don't respond.  A lower level skier on expert skis will be taken for a scary ride...the skis will respond powerfully to every input, both the intended inputs and the unintended ones.


If you post in the Ski Gear Discussion forum your ability level along with your weight and size, and the make and model skis you're looking at, you'll get some good recommendations.  I think that for 5'11" and 185# a 167 is about right as long as that is not the shortest in that ski line and the skis are not expert level.  (My personal initial criteria for ski length is a top level ski one size below the max for that line...I'm a very good skier 6', 195#.  My carvers are 170cm, my crud skis are 183, and my fat powder skis are 173, and each is just right for me.)

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