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boot fitters....

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Ok, so here we go.  I am a advnaced skiier of 8 years.  Eastern with the odd visit to the larger stuff about once or twice a year.  Mainly groomers, glades and wanting to explore more into deeper stuff when possible.  I am a DIN 9 and currently have for a skii quiver

Atomic VF72 - groomers

Atomic 11B5C - a bit of crud, galdes, and whatever else is around

Armada JJ's - new this year for hopefully a great way to get into deeper stuff as pretty much a beginner

NOw boots wise, i only have a single pair.  Technica Diablo Magnesium boots with aflex of 90 i believe in a 26.5 modo.

Ok, i have plantars fasciatis (arch inflammation) and trench foot (susceptible to cold and damp) to deal with.  I believe also i have a high arch and a wider front foot.  So what usually happens is my feet hurt and ache quite a bit for the first 20 mins then ease up.  I notice they sometimes go a bit numb but other times they dont.  I had my foot done to be measured at a 26.5 mondo and find a bit too much movement in a 27.  when i take my boot off after about 2 hours of skiing, they really hurt or cramp and i can also notice my foot feels immediately relieved once boot off and with a bit of rest good to go again.  I was told at the one bootfitters that my high arch is causing a problem with the lower top buckly (second up from bottom) is pinching off my pedal pulse or artery on the top of my foot.....

So not sure what to do?  are there boot fitters that are also chiropodists?  i am finding with bootfitters... that there is quite a bit of a difference in between their knowledge and ideas on how to work the boot and my problem.  I read of a guy in chicago i think it was that was a chiropodist and bootfitter......  so, i live in ontario but would be willing to travel almost anywhere for someone that can definitely help me out, or has any advice or previous experience with problems such as mine?  maybe a newer style of boot like the atomic live fit... flex 90 with wide front last of 106 i think it was??  and only two buckles and a power strap i think it is?  Anything would be a big help as i have used my local peoples with no results and i really want to increase ski time and with less pain....

Thank you....


My brother in a national rep for Surefeet.. so hopefully that will help a bit with the proper insoles...

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A well made footbed is a great place to begin!  Your brother should be able to help steer you in the right direction to find a good boot fitter in your vicinity.  

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