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The first txt from Carlos rolls in on Tuesday at 8:19pm:

 "How quick can you get here?  POW has been awsome past couple days and still falling."



 "Vail open Friday w twice the terrain originally planned."


Wednesday, 1:03pm

 "Wow... Another great day!  What do I need to do to get you to Vail by 9am Friday?"


Apparently all you need to do is send me another txt when I'm inebriated and a roadtrip suddenly sounds like The Best Idea EVER.  The phone conversation went like this:


me: "Friday, huh?"

him: "Yep."

me: "Got comps?"

him: "Yep."

me: "My good snowpants and goggles are on the mountain and I'm not gonna have a chance to get them before I leave.  Got some I can borrow?"

him: "Of course!"

me: "See ya tomorrow."


I try to not to care much about skiing in November, or even December.  Yet, when I walked downstairs this morning and saw my bag packed by the door and my boards leaning against the wall, I got excited.