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Salomon Gun's or Fischer Misfits

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So this is my first post but I've been a lurker here for years. I am going to be upgrading my skis this year and I am trying to decide between 2009 Salomon Gun's(which are 135/99/125) and the 2010 Fischer Misfits(which are128 / 94 / 117) and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on one or the other. Pricing is obviously an issue here, but I feel that both pairs fit well into the category of cheaper(due to being past seasons) and quality. Thanks for everything in advance.



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I believe that the Guns are foam core and "monocoque" (i.e., cap construction).  I believe that the Misfits are wood core and sandwich construction.


Assuming that my recollections are correct, my personal preferences would have me on the latter without batting an eye.  But you may have other preferences.


What do you ski currently, and what do you like and dislike about them?

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I am making a big change. I am skiing some Rossi Actys 100's that I bought in a package about 4 years ago. What do I dislike about them? Just about everything. They are too narrow as I mostly ski off trail and powder. They aren't twin-tip and I like parking it out a little bit, but not much. They just aren't my style. I demo'd some fatter skis last year out in Montana and I loved them, but I can't remember what they were for the life of me. I have also ski'd a friend's Rossi Scratch's that I liked a lot too, but they aren't wide enough for me IMO.


As far as the construction, I have no clue as to what I would prefer. What are the advantages/disadvantages to the different constructions?

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The Guns are a nice all around soft snow ski, very light and easy to goof on, great in bumps and tight places, trees, decent on chopped up backsides. Not  ideal on hardpack or at speed, but doable. Foam core but not noodles like the 1080. Haven't skied Misfits, but assume that they'd be better on hard surfaces, also light but more lively/springy, probably not as nice in powder or trees but definitely superior in park. IMO the Guns are more versatile for everything except the park, but since that's part of your agenda, the Misfits win.

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What Beyond said, except that I think that the Misfits' edge hold will be far superior, which suggests to me that they're a much better one-ski-quiver.

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Thanks for the help guys, I really appreciate it. I guess I could have put that I am about 70% off trail, 15% groomers and 15% park, so the Misfits seem to fit that more than the Guns, mainly just because I even have any interest in park, correct? I'm pretty sure I am going to go ahead with the Misfits, but I'm just curious, what is it about the Guns that make them so terrible for any park skiing?

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Also, what about between the Misfits or the Scott Punishers? I've never known anyone personally that have owned any Scott skis, so I'm not sure how they ride. They are 130 / 90 / 116 and their review is:

The award-winning Scott Punisher dominates from the park to the steeps all season long, with vertical sidewalls for great grip on hardpack and a full hardwood core for confidence and stability in variable conditions. Scott’s wide, early-rising ProTip shovel smoothes out tracked-up crud like a butter knife and pops to the surface quickly in soft snow, making the Punisher more fun in pow than its all-mountain width and agile turning radius would suggest. And thanks to a twinned-up tail, this ski is as happy landing switch off a 40-foot table as it is ripping tight lines through the trees.

Any thoughts?

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I've ridden the Scott P4s.  They were well built, but too turny for my tastes.


I suspect the same would be true of the Punisher.

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FWIW, I demo'd the Guns last season at Wolf Creek (tons of pow) and absolutely hated them. One of the least fun skis I've ever used. Felt like a cheap ski you'd expect for rental fare. I would never buy them, but that's my personal opinion.

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OP, curious about why you're homing in on park twins. If it's because you ski in the park, all good. But if it's just price, there are other relatively inexpensive skis out there that are far better than any of the one's you've listed. Go do a search for some of the 09 or 10 Dynastar midfats or BT's, for instance, or last year's Prophet 90's.  


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It's mainly because of the mix I ski. I would like to ski a little more park than I do, but still not up to say 50%. I tried looking up midfats and the BigTroubles and I couldn't seem to find anything within a reasonable price range for me. I might be looking somewhere that you're not, but I have checked all of the usual places I look online, including some of the discount sites I know.

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They were offering 09 BT's two days ago on Tram for 2 benjamins and change. 09 Prophets are still around. PE's/Extremes can be had. Even odd places like Sierra Trading Post sells old new skis. OTOH, I wouldn't choose any of those models for 50% park; now sounds like you r on the right track with the park twins. Have heard good stuff about Dead Money's, Rotor 84's (although unlikely to be found cheap even at Colorado/Denver Wholesale), Walls, THalls. Try Level Nine, Ski Essentials, Ski Universe, Fleabay, the fifth page of your Google results, etc. Gotta be creative and tenacious...wink.gif

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Haha, thanks. Yea, I have been looking at some pretty crazy lengths. Some of those websites look pretty shoddy when you get into them because they are focused solely on selling skis, not the flashiness of the bigger resalers

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