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race stock atomic gs 12 leangth?

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I'm i ski happy swede who is looking for my first race stock ski ever. I will only be using it in manchester sloopes in the morning when the condition is perfekt.


I have found a good price on the 178 cm model(if it exists?).  I'm 183 lbs 182 cm( 5' 9).


Are these skies to short for a perfect ski run?

I'm not going up to 27 m radius so the 190 cm is to big but maby 184 is perfect for me??


Best regards /Erik

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Is there any difference between 07-08 and 08-09 for the race stock atomic gs 12?

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I'm not familiar with Manchester Sloopes.  How much vertical do you have available there?


178 seems a little short for a GS ski to me, unless your using it on tight courses, but if you don't have the vertical to get up to speed, short might be good.

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Sorry. Manchester is a newly prepered slope:P Like the pants. example: http://www.gamereactor.se/media/forum/se/5591872_66.jpg

Maby americans can start using that word to :)


The ski I thought I found is most probobly only 176 and that is too dam short. I've decided to go for 183 cm with 24 m radius.. I think.

Is the atomic gs 12 07-08 different from 08-09? When did the fis ruels change about radius?

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Not sure about the years.  It just kept changing: 21 m, 24 m, 27 m.  Who can keep up? Not me, 'cause I don't race.


American's call that Corduroy http://www.onthesnow.com/california/mammoth-mountain-ski-area/webcams.html?id=16463


Still need an answer to how much vertical you think you will have to play with.


I haven't been on any Modern GS race stock skis lately, and my quiver is pretty old, but here's two reference points for you.


Volkl P50 F1 Energy 188 cm from 2002.  Don't know what kind of stock it is.  Reviews just call it a serious GS ski.  It seems pretty flexible to me though.  I would call it more playful than serious.  Radius seems to be about 21 m; 102/65/88 are the dims. Seems to be ok even on a little 300' hill, but barely.


Old-School Kästle SG 208 cm, 70 ish m radius.  Can get up to speed and make two or three good turns at Blue Mountain Collingwood (720 foot  vertical), not much use on a 300' hill.


If I were to get a GS ski I think I would go for somewhere around 185 cm.


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Sorry I forgot. I will be using them on varoius sloppes. From 300 fet(100 vertical meters) to 1500 fet(500 meters). I'm more concerned about the sloopes widht(skiing flying  out into the forest) and other skiers:P


I have found a cheap 183 cm race stock atomic gs, but the ad does not mention if it is the 12 or 11. This is how it looks like:)

I hope......... http://www.winter-sports.com/EN/Skitests/skitestsmodeles.php?id=35&anneetest=2007



183cm  = 101.0 -  67.5 -  88.0     TR = 24.2M

186cm  =  98.0  -   67.5 -  87.0     TR = 27.5M

190cm  =  99.0  -   68.0 -  89.0     TR = 27.7M

191cm  = 100.2  -  69.0 -  89.2     TR = 27.5M

For the race stock atomic 12 08-09.


Volkl P50 F1 Energy 188 cm sounds nice. If it is a race skii, then it should have real soft stel edges that can me sharpend real good.. I think:)


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