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Alta Snowfall History

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Here is the motherlode of weather data for Alta.



The yearly averages.  Alta has had generally above average snowfall the past 17 years.



On average, the daily depth begins to build what I consider an acceptable early season depth of 40" about Dec 10th.

The melt begins about the 2nd week of April.



The real storms start about now, mid-November, and continue through the 2nd week of April when the snowfall plummets by about 30 inches per month.  But they are still getting snow in May.  It doesn't snow in July and August.



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What the heck happened in 1979???  I was there in 2007 their last below average year.....I guess I am the kiss of death!

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That graphs not very accurate. 76-77 winter was the really bad one. 79 looks like someone just didn't input any data.

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Those number don't quite jibe with those I've collected from patrol over the years.  Daily records are on Alta's website since 2004-05: http://www.alta.com/pages/snowfallhistory.php


1976-77 is the only season under 300 inches (298).  1980-81, 1987-88, 1991-92 and 2006-07 are the only other seasons since 1967 under 400 inches. 

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