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Tune on a LP 90

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I just bought a used pair of Prophets, and the guy I got them from put a 1/1 tune on them, as they were used for touring. I think the factory tune is 1 base 1.5 side. I'll be using them on hardpack a fair bit - not as my main hardpack ski, I have a pair of Supershapes for that - and wondered if I ought to get a more aggressive tune? 1/1 doesn't sound like it will have a whole lot of grip. Will it make much of a difference to go to 2 or 3 degrees on the side edge on a ski like this (not a frontside ski)? I like to carve with fairly high edge angles, and do some fairly quick short turns too, so I worry 1/1 won't do. 



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Try 'em as is and experiment?


Check out this thread on Tweaking Side Edge angle.

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I had the same issue with the same skis 2 years ago. Set them at 1/3 and don't look back. I skied mine at the factory settings and wanted to sell the skis the first day.  Set at 1/3 totally transformed the skis. If it's a powder day, I can't imagine the 3 degree edge affecting anything.

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Thanks, that was pretty much what I expected.

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