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  Hey ya'll. I ski and snowboard and would have to say I've used a lot of different brand names. That's because when I was younger I could afford any for myself. So I had to rent or barrow boards or skis from people. I've used good equipment and poor equipment. It didn't make that big of a difference.


  The thing I noticed that made the big difference was being in shape! Especially in the beginning of the year. It didn't matter what I had strapped  to my feet. It was my legs that were doing all the work. Not the skis or board. http://Click Here!!


  I noticed one year I went how important it is to have your legs in shape. The hard way! You see for a few years my job was a tree worker. Physical hard labor everyday. To say the least I was in great shape. It was never a deal for me to just go to the mountain and go nuts. 


  But then I started another job where I was inside all day. I was still on my feet but not anywhere near the physicalness involved. Well winter came and I started dreaming about going and hitting the slopes. The first chance I got I went. Big mistake in a way.


   I went out there thinking I'd have no problem. I've ridden for years and knew my capability. I was so wrong! It started out good. I did a couple of runs to loosen up and felt good. Thats when I made my mistake.


   You see the years that I had been going I was in peek shape. But not anymore. I went into a tabletop jump going at a speed that seemed comfortable to me. Then when I hit the transition I realized I was kidding myself. My legs couldn't handle the pressure and my knees buckled. I went about 20ft in the air and crashed in an epic way. Season over!!


                             http://Great Way To Get Those Legs In Shape!!


  I didn't brake anything. Thank god! But I did bruise my lung. All my ribs, arm, leg and pretty much the whole right side of my body. It sucked and I was done for the year. I could have gone in the spring. But after that and new I was definitely in no shape then. So I told myself before the next time I go I will be more prepared.


  If you're interested in getting and being in shape to go to the mountains or any other winter sport? Please checkout some of the links I provide below. There's blogs and website links on this subject. Also a link to a great package that works to get those legs up to par so you don't end up like I did. Enjoy the winter to the fullest.


 This is the program to get you in shape...http://Ski Safe and Fit!!! An In Shape Body Is The Best Equipment!


And here are some more!! .


 I hope to hear some input and opinions. Enjoy and see you on the mountain!!