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These are the Modx same as the Axis X by K2 I have only skied these skis One season. They are in Excellent shape. these are my own personal skis, kept in vary good shape always tuned, waxed and away from rocks!(I have rock skis) I'm not some young guy jumping 20 foot cliffs, so There is little wear and tear.They have alot of life left in them. I do have a small quiver so my best guess is they have about 30 days on them. Bases are perfect condition so are the edges. No repairs ever needed! The Top sheets show a few scratches.No chips or or nasty gashes. The modx is an excellent all mountain ski. One of the best midfats for skiing bumps out there. Why am I selling well My wife wants me to clear out some of my quiver. Besides The art bussiness hasn't been all that Great so I need the cash. I'm asking $400.00 for skis and bindings. Shipping by UPS Ground should be about $20 to $30 with in the USA. I'll be posting them on ebay Monday Dec 2nd.