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I had my first two ski days last weekend. Very limited, only a few runs open with man made snow, so I tried telemark to make it more interesting (and it was, in two hours I fell many more times I did the whole last season on alpine gear). Unfortunately the start of season just prooved that I'm a horrible skiing addict... it's sooo much more difficult not being able to ski when I got a taste of it. This weekend I'm working but the next we are going to Ruka. Can't wait. I want more snow. I want more time for skiing.

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This is today, white Saturday,  the day after Black Friday, doing my household chores before heading to the mountain shuttle for my days work. And there's more on the way. It looks like another la nina season. We opened yesterday...

Eat your hearts out..... snowblowing11-27.jpg

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No skiing this weekend. frown.gif  The weather just didn't cooperate. The temps didn't get much below freezing.  However there are big changes in the forecast for next week with temps not getting beyond the mid 20's for several days.  The local hill is planning to open at noon on Thursday.  I am planning on being there (hopefully with my new Icelantic Keepers). biggrin.gif

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snowfalling.gifToo early here , work gets in the way of taking an early trip.

Just thought Id share !! ( Ive noticed I'm not the only one showing up here in anticipationmad.gif)

Bump!  Have it on good authority this is going to happen tomorrow!

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See u at 9!!

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See u at 9!!


Or somewhere along the WROD Flying Mile if delayed..

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