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Swix Ski pole Basket

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Swix makes different pole baskets that will fit their ski poles. I have a Swix alu. pole with the small cone "race" basket and would like to have the ability to put on a bigger basket for powder days. I was on their website last night and couldn't get the accessories tab to come up and learn how these baskets change out. Looking at my poles it doesn't appear to me at least that this could be done"on the fly" I'm guess in you need to put the pole in a vise or something and try and pull off the basket currently on the pole.


Anybody have any experience with changing out baskets on Swix poles. Or is it a case that they can be changed but once done its a PITA to switch back?

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I just pulled my Swix baskets off by standing on them with both feet and pulling on the handle. Gotta pull pretty hard, but once it's over the notch, it comes right off. My shop put Scott pow baskets on them.

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