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Hi Everyone,


New here, but I've been doing some browsing lately. I'm hoping to get some insight on a new setup for touring.


I'm 5'2", 130 lbs, skiing in the Canadian Rockies.  I'm planning on mounting Fritschi Freeride Plus bindings, using Garmont Xena boots.  My current touring setup is the same bindings on 165 BD Kilowatts.  In-bounds skis are 168 Elan Free Spice.


I'm a pretty decent skier - I'll go anywhere but prefer to keep my skis on the ground (not launch off stuff), and once in a while I get into spots that I get through but it's not pretty.  I've always been considered a pretty aggressive skier in-bounds, but I think it's been more because I had to be to control the gear I had and keep up with my buddies than a true preference.  I find the Kilowatts a lot of work to handle - I can do it, but it feels like I'm forcing it.  I'd like to go a little softer.  I've also been thinking about going skis seem like monsters for my height.


Not really any options around here to demo much besides Head skis, and then it's a pretty limited range.  Especially at this time of year.


I've been thinking about the Atomic Century in a 156 or the K2 Payback in a 160.  I know there's quite a difference between a 100 waist and a 92 waist...part of why I'm looking for input.


Has anyone skied these and have any insights?  Or any other suggestions for skis?


Thanks in advance.