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Preferred route to Jackson

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We will be driving to Jackson from Virginia next month. Mapquest is routing me through Lander WY on US 287 & coming into Jackson from the North.  Is that the best route? Seems like US 191 through Pinedale --coming into Jackson from the South is a better choice.  

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The pass along that north route is pretty high.

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agree, Google shows the route via the southern access via Rock Spring and RTE 191 north.  Have taken that south out of JH in the summer, but only accessed from the north coming down from Yellowstone, to the best of my recollection, south is pretty easy, to the north tends to get pretty high, as Tromano stated.

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6 one way and half dozen the other.  Through Pinedale you traverse So. Wyoming on I-80, also known as the Snow Chi Min trail.  The wind can buff the road pretty well, and there's tons of trucks.  Otherwise, you hop off of I-80 at Rawlins and head north through muddy gap.  Either way, you are going to be driving in the middle of nowhere through terrain that many people consider boring; that terrain is south and central Wyoming.


But going over Togwotee pass is beautiful.  And it brings you down the valley along the Tetons -- a spectacular view anytime.  You'll be able to pull out at the Snake River Overlook and pretend you are Ansel Adams, or duck into the park to take a winter photo at Oxbow bend like millions of other tourists and photographers.


The drive the other way from Pinedale through Hoback Canyon is pretty as well.  YOu've got nice views of the Hobacks and the Wind Rivers.  The canyon is beautiful as well.


Driving condition wise, I don't think there is much difference.  Hoback canyon can be treacherous.  But there's enough folk who live down canyon or in Alpine that they keep the road in pretty good condition.  Togwotee is plowed well as well.


I'd go one way and leave the other.  



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I like the idea of going one way and leaving the other.  


Personally, I like the drive through Lander better.  Lander is a cool town to stop off in on the way through.  Pinedale and Rock Springs are crappy towns and with all the gas wells going in through there you can run into some slowdowns on 191 due to construction.

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