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Gotama vs. The Answer?

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I am 6'4" and 210#

Gotama vs. The Answer?

Hello, I am new here so please forgive me if I'm asking this in the wrong place, or asking in the wrong way.

I have been manically buying skis over the summer and I now have a 194cm 2010 Gotama+Baron @ 334 BSL. But now I think I want The Answer 191cm instead.

Question: Can anyone offer a good comparison between the two? This ski will fit between my Watea 94+Baron and Kuro+Griffon (also neither of which I have used yet).

Also, would the new Marker Tour be a good choice for The Answer?

The Goats+Barons are new and I'm willing to let them go for $700 so I can be on my way to The Answer, if someone here can say it would be a better quiver fit.

Thanks in advance for your patience and any advice you all can offer.

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You just asked this over at TGR, sans weight and size, and I answered it over there mostly the same way I'd answer it here: Why these particular skis, what about them or other similar skis you've skied attracts you to them, what are you looking for in a ski, what are you on now, and so on. The fact that you are a big guy argues in favor of the Answers, but still not clear what it is about them, or the Goats, or the other skis you own like the Wateas or Kuros, that you like. Or think you will like. 


Incidentally, there's another forum for selling stuff. Ditto over at TGR. That's a reasonable price, so you could sell them quickly if you want. 

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Dude you have a nice quiver already.


I would just ski what you have and see how you like it. Then you can make an informed decision on if and how you want to change things up. You are unlikely to miss out on any "deals" nor depreciate your skis further by waiting a month or so, sking them a handful of days each to see how you like them.


Don't put the tour on the answer. You will want to charge on that ski. Put the more tourable binding on the watea if you want a lighter more tourable ski. And put the Baron/duke on the Answer.

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How'd you get such a big avatar?  I'm jealous.

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Re: avatar -- sorry, I think it's Facebook. I tried to de-link FB to this site, but I'm failing so far ...


I guess I'm thinking the Goat will be a little redundant with the Kuro, and since I'll already get to experience Volkl's "ELP Rocker", then maybe I should swap out the Goat for another brand I don't have. I'm a big guy and I go down into Heavenly's Canyons, but I DON'T huck cliffs or anything like that (which is why I went for the Barons over the Dukes on the Watea 94s and Goats).


Some1 just told me The Answer is a little more versatile than the Goat, as The Answer's Rocker is less pronounced.


And I'll also confess I'm going after The Answer's graphics (I know, I know, but please save your time and don't bother to ridicule me!)


I'm also interested in which would be better in the trees, since Heavenly has so many trees.


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You are doing alot of theory crafting. You own the goats, if you have already driled / mounted them then you have already lost money on the skis. Putting them on snow will not cost you a dime and it will get you another data point to make a better decision.  Why not try them and see for yourself if they work for you?




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True that -- I'm betting I'll have a chance to use them before I get any bites on them anyway. Just thought I'd get a jump start with the listing.

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RT, notwithstanding their relatively similar measurements those are two pretty different skis.  I've owned Gotamas in the past and have skied both The Answer and the newer Goat.  The Answer is much more stout and is more similar to the Katana and the Elan 1010/Olympus; for me it held an edge quite a bit better than the new Goat.  I passed on the Goat when they changed it cause the tails felt so "washy"; I think that ski trades today more on reputation than performance (I'll probably start a fight with that statement but do you remember how two years ago it semmed like every third pair of skis in line were Goats and now there aren't any?).  Since you have the Kuro for deep days for my dime it would be The Answer, Katana or Elan as my daily driver (but I don't tour).  Good luck. 

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Thanks -- this confirms some of my initial thoughts. I'm surprised to see the Goat fall so far down SKI's rankings in the buyers' guide ... anyway, here's to hoping for a giant storm this weekend so I can collect more 'data points' ...

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I Gotama the Answer..it's the One...Who's on first?

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I think Phil has too much time on his hands.

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After the first few models, Gotama became a weak ski, and as people realize that and quit buying it (no longer even a wide enough ski to be considered a powder ski), there will be a reckoning over at Volkl, I hope


I have a friend, weighs in at a mighty 105, and says that the Gotama is only suitalbe for her in powder. ha, take that german engineering!


curious, does the ski get noticably thicker in the mid area as the lengths progress? the 190s specifically.

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I thought the Goats have been wider and wider every year, but I could be wrong. The 194s I have are pretty thick in the middle. I also got a pair of 162 Kiku's with Baron's for my girlfriend.

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