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Writing this to share beta with anyone else looking for info on zipfits.


Now that I am getting back into skiing more a than few weekends a season I need to upgrade my equipment. That meant first and foremost new boots. Gone are the days when I was willing and able to ignore discomfort for performance. My old boots, the "iron maidens" as I called them had to be retired. So I got some new lange supercomps, 97mm, on close out sized down 2 , shell fit them up, looks great and now a new problem. Break in. I am not an instructor any more. I don't have the time for break in. So I decided to try zipfit. I got a grand prix. I knew it wouldn't work, it was to bulky, I sent them back and started looking around for WC's. Still being worried about the size I found some Gara's on closeout. Perfect fit for a 12B flat foot with orthodic in a size 10 supercomp.


I steamed the shell and fit them up, cooled, and then using a hot gear bag I heated them and refitted a few times. I would reccomend a few reheatings before skiing instead of just one. Perfect fit. With the OEM liners which were pretty nice by the way I was noticing a slight hot spot on my navicular and they were really tight. With the zip its gone. Fit feels weird for me as the boot doesn't "feel" to tight but my foot and ankle are completely inmobile. I can wiggle the toes but that is it. Its still a little to tight but I know as I ski they will loosen up enough. Looking at them after molding they have taken the shape of my ankle but are very firm when cooled not squishy.


After reading the reviews I think some of the problems folks have with zipfit is that  they are getting them to thick out of the gate. I would go as thin as you can, within reason, at the start.  If you got low volume feet in a low-mid volume shell sized down don't even think about a grand prix get a wc at least if not a Gara. If it gets loose after some use you can have stuff added but if theres to much it will be painful.


I am really impressed with these liners and can't wait to ski them. I have never had boots feel like these even after grinding, punching and heavy custom work. The hot gear bag is essential to zipfit use as well.


As to intuition liners I have some 9mm denali's in my ice climbing plastic mountaineering boots and they feel great but I would never like to ski in them. They have a dead feeling to them. Impacts and vibrations are minimized which is great for carrying heavy packs and kicking into ice but you won't "feel" much from the ski. I think intuition needs to make a ski model without any mold stuff under the sole.