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Ski Helmet

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I'm looking into buying a helmet for this upcoming season. I have never worn a helmet before and I'm not sure which brand / line to look at.


Generally speaking, I can't wear a hat when I ski because I get too hot. Are there any helmets out there with great ventilation?

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I've heard that the Smith Variant and Vantage (?) are exceptionally ventilated, so they should be a good starting point

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Probably a dumb question, but are these helmets compatabile with ski goggles?

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best is to just goto a local shop and try them on.  I've found every helmet is shaped differently and 80% of them don't fit my head right.  Unfortunately for you, all helmets I've worn have been warmer than hats (even with full ventilation).  You can get ones with removable ear pieces which will be significantly cooler.  It'll still be quite a bit warmer than not wearing a hat though.

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These vents open and close.  Open you will not get a hot head.


Most ski shops will have these.


You are smart to start using.

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Originally Posted by BruinsFan View Post

Probably a dumb question, but are these helmets compatabile with ski goggles?

I would imagine so. SmithOPTICS might have been a clue. Don't listen to people that say it's hotter than wearing a cap. A properly ventialted helmet can be very cool. I have the Vantage, and I'm in love with it. The Variant is also a very popular design.

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I have worn different helmets over the years. By far my favourite is the POC Skull X. POC also has an amazing assortment of goggles. My favs are the POC Lobes and POC Cornea. These goggles were designed to work in conjunction with the Skull X helmet. Go to a local ski shop and try them on.

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Finding the right helmet is like finding the right boots, its just not quite as important from a skiing standpoint.  Every head is shaped differently, and all helmets have different fits.  Go to a ski shop and try a bunch on, you'll narrow down your options quickly on fit alone.  Then you can address features like ventilation and goggle compatibility.


I have a medium-sized, narrow head (i.e. length from brow to back is quite a bit greater than width from ear to ear), and the Smith Variant fits my head like a glove, and I love the vents which can be opened or closed manually.  I also wear Smith IO goggles with the Variant helmet, which work great as long as you get the $5 "Helmet Helper" adapter so the back clasp on the goggles doesnt interfere with the goggle lock on the back of the helmet.

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