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Snowboard Staff Trainer Roll Call...

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Hey gang,



hope everyone had an excellent summer. I'm really psyched for the 2011 Snow Sports season!!! Favor to ask...looking to connect with those of you folks in a staff trainer roll. Kindly introduce yourself and your local / home resort.


Recently met up with my home mountain's (ITC) Instructor Training Clinicians to start ramping up our "game plan". I would like to see just exactly where everyone stands on your home mountain trainer aspect of "post-season" thought? For example this season one of our many focuses...customer service. Looking at the big picture; staff attitude, professional image, over all conduct (on clock and OFF CLOCK). How we can make each customer interaction magical.

Anyone else care to chime in??

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Not much traction out here...hmm interesting well I shall go first then. For my local staff we are focusing more on the simplicity of the lesson body. Taking the pace vs. talk action and creating a FUN environment. Retention is KING here folks and if each and everyone of your snowboarding first time guests has a safe, fun, and memorable session..they are coming back for more!!! Keep em moving and having fun!!!


Just like Richardo Monte-ban used to say on fantasy Island..."Smiles everyone, Smiles....biggrin.gif

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Hey Jonah. Day job has been working me overtime. We have been burning through lead snowboard trainers at a good clip (e.g. injury, family trouble). The two most senior guys are cross dressers and I'm one of them both of us have had no time in the off season for revamping staff training. We do have a standard bag of topics to cover and that will keep us busy by default. Aside from reviewing the basic level one lesson, we cover teaching kids, reviewing the break down for levels 2-5 and what we teach in those lessons, park and pipe teaching, and the 4 board performances/2 movements AASI concepts. Every pro gets a "guest service" clinic either in the returning instructor meeting or when they get hired. The trainers also are expected to work the teaching model, safety and guest service topics into every clinic.

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We completed our "remember snowboarding 101, safety, kids & AASI concepts" training with an emphasis on  the "customer experience" (like Jonah). In review of this season's training I find myself wondering how the event affected, and will continue to influence my coaches desire to attend clinics this season.

I hope my leads are treating the annual training as a clinic, seeking feedback during the session and keeping it fun and interesting. We do not have a feedback form for coaches to comment on clinics. AASI & PSIA both offer feedback forms on their clinics. I have considered making a similar form for in-house clinics available to my coaches and trainers.

I would like to know thoughts and opinions of whether others feel they are able keep the "same old s***" interesting and provocative year after year. And, opinions as to implementing the modified AASI/PSIA feedback form.

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