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boot fitter recommendation, nyc?

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Anyone have any boot fitter they'd recommend in NYC?  I am looking for a new pair of boots and have always had trouble with my feet.  Interested in custom liners, considered Surefoot, but have heard alot of mixed results.



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Check out HEINO'S in NJ.

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I second the Heino's recommendation, and would tell you to make a bootfitting appointment with Greg.  He's done great work on my boots and was even able to fix a terrible packed out pair of ebay boots back before I bought new ones (also from him).


They have another guy who does boot fitting work as well, who was knowledgeable when I've been there, I just can't speak to his abilities directly.


They're located on Rt 23, so not too far from the city if you got lincoln tunnel or GWB.


Superfeet = super-pricey, and when I went in there they seemed to know a lot about selling boots and not a lot about making you happy to ski in them.

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Agree with flyman about surefoot. A lot of sales pressure from the minute you walk in the door without taking the time to properly assess your needs.  Anyone particular that you would recommend at Heino's?

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You could do worse than go to a NE mountain you frequent and locate a good slopeside shop. Lots of recs here by region and resort. Likely to give you more personal attention, more expertise, and you can bring new boots in at the end of each day for dialing in. Stay away from Surefoot, or a bog box store. This is A LOT more important than picking a pair of skis. 

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go up to hunter mtn to keith holmquist at the pro ski and ride is worth the trip


make an apointment and get the best fitting boots in the ne




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Thanks all.  I agree, it makes more sense to have boot work done close to the mountain.  Appreciate the help.

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There is a place in NYC with one of the best boot fitters in the country.   He makes makes medical orthotics and is considered a pioneer in the practice of ski boot fitting.   He does not sell boots, and his services come at a hefty price, but is guaranteed and come with lifetime adjustments.   I know of a few boot fitters that were actually trained by him and know some people who paid for his services, all were very satisfied. Jeff Rich is his name and he is the technical director for SKI magazine's boot testing program.



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Give Billy Caplan a call (cantman) he's outside of NYC but more than likely 1.5 hours. Billy is amazing, 215.760.8226

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AVAMB - late response here, so hopefully still useful to you but - ask for Greg if you go to Heino's.  


They set appointment's and make sure they plan on giving you a full hour or so (more if you ask) & really take the time to listen to what you're looking for.  There is one other guy there I've had help in a pinch but I can't remember his name.  He was helpful to w/ some adjustment work but haven't gone through the whole process with him.


One word of caution about mountainside, IMO:  depending on where you ski, and if you go back regularly, you might not be able to get any adjustments you want done with the same guy who originally did your fitting...  While you can get adjustments done during the week or so you're at whatever resort, you probably won't be able to drive up to VT to get your boots punched or adjusted if the liner packs out, your arch flattens out a bit, etc.  If you use a shop local to where you live its not such a big deal, and I know Heino's for example, will work on the boot as long as you own it if you've bought it from them.  So when you're having a problem one or two years from now they'll still be there to fix it.  


This may be the case or perhaps not such a big deal for you, but I feel like between random sports injuries, liner wear, new orthotics (in my street shoes), and other related issues my feet/ankles have changed enough that going back for "free" tweaks to the boots have been worth it even if I couldn't dial the boot in at the mountain...  Just my two cents.  

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