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HEAD Peak 78 or HEAD Peak LTD

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I am looking to get new pair of Ski's and I am pretty much stuck between these two ski's


Head PEAK 78




Is there any one out there who could help me decide which ski to get???


I am very capable skier who skis mostly on the East coast...



Thank you

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Welcome to Epic, Serge. This would be a great post over in Gear Discussion. maybe the Mod can move it. Meanwhile, it would help if you could describe what terrain you tend to ski, what kind of skis you already use/like/hate, your size, your skill set ("capable" is a bit loose; have you had lessons and if so what level did they put you in?), and most importantly, what your favorite color is...

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Thank you for the tip....

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Do you mean the peak 78 ltd? In that case this is the same ski as the normal 78, but with only one plate of metal, while the normal ski has two. I skied the normal one and thought this to be already a rather soft ski that prefered to skid rather than carve. Being very capable and on the east coast I wouldn't go lighter than the normal 78 if I were you. I am rather heavy, but a smaller woman that was also testing had the same ideas.

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Originally Posted by serge View Post

Thank you for the tip....

Uh... OK, FWIW, the 2010-2011 Head Peak 78 is a very different ski than last year's Peak, which was the iM78 with new graphics. This year's has a softer tip, I believe one layer of metal, and is more aimed at intermediates to advanced, while the Titan is aimed at advanced to expert. I am not familiar with the Peak Ltd. The closest ski to the "old" Peak would probably be the 78 Chip. It will be damper, bit stiffer, bit more oriented to groomers than the iM78/old Peak. Still depends on what kind of terrain you ski, and your style, but you're keeping that a secret I guess...

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After the ringing endorsement of Chad Fleischer (former olympian, owner of Fleischer sports in stbt spgs) I demo'd a pair of just tuned, 2011 Head Peak pro 78 with power pro 12 bindings.  Head skis have nearly zero presence in this town or on this mtn and I have never skied on Heads before though had a blast on them skiing for a solid 6+ hrs everywhere including laps through trees with 3-6" of a few day old powder on Closet-Twilight and Shadows, packed groomers and laps on the mogul laden Whiteout with standard male binding position. 


I'm a decent athlete (mtb'r, rec hockey player, alpine and tele) but only weigh 138 #s and demo'd a pair of 165s.  I was overwhelmed with how well they performed on varied conditions, carved well on hard pack and better than my decent, tuned, all mtn, Scott Missions but still performed decently elsewhere.  It took a couple runs to trust these in the trees and good forward technique is a must as back seat driving on these is not compatible with grin resulting performance.  I have a few more pairs of all mtn skis to try out this winter but I find it hard to believe that a pair of these boards won't be hanging in our ski closet sometime in the next couple of months and used for those days with less than 8" of powder.   (disclaimer, I'm 56 yo, retired and have no financial connection to Head, Fleischer sports or any ski related entity other than I ski over 100 partial days a year mostly at Stbt but also a few days at Snowbasin, Mary Jane and occasional trip to Silverton.)

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