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Swix Master Tuning Kit

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This just popped up on Tramdock, not sure if its a good deal.


Swix Master Tuning Kit:

We asked Swix to create the holy grail of home-tuning and they put together this Master Tuning Kit—giving you the ability to instantly create a dialed shop at home. Unless you find yourself in need of a machine stone grind or binding mount, the Master Kit has you covered. Wax for every condition, P-Tex for early-season mistakes, a table and vice for a stable work area, and more—much more.

  • Five bars of CH-formula glide wax, one 180-gram bar (about 18 wax jobs per bar) in each temperature range
  • One box (four sticks) of transparent P-Tex for base repairs
  • One box of black P-Tex for base repairs
  • Model T73 Wax Iron for superb temperature control and professional-level durability
  • Model T0075 Small Folding Wax Table for bomber stability and easy storage
  • Three-piece Wide Jaw Vise (90mm center binding clamp) to hold any type of alpine, AT, or telemark ski
  • One Medium Diamond Stone for edge deburring
  • One Comp Edger for base and side edge sharpening
  • Three plexi scrapers for scraping wax
  • One oval White Nylon bristle brush for base structuring
  • One steel scraper for shaving P-Tex repairs
  • A Swix shop apron to preserve your sexy
  • A pair of padded Alpine Racing Straps to hold finished skis
  • The Swix Alpine Sport Manual to teach you everything about proper wax technique





Its also got a bench, and the whole set up is 400 dollars.  I realize it'll probably be gone by the time this is answered, but is it a good deal?

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I'd say yes. I would not characterize it as a 'Master' Tuning kit however.


It's somewhat comparable to a combination kit we could put together with a Terminator Tuning Stand, Cinch vise and SupesrStation tuning kit and extra wax.

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