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Fischer Progressor?

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I am 5' 11'', 150lbs, male ex-racer. Currently on Rossignol 9S world cup skies. I am looking for a softer, all around skies, should I go with 9+ or 8+ (or other suggestions?). With the 9+, i m thinking it may still be too stiff, and  the8+, i am thinking I m TOO not used to it since I have pretty much learned how to ski on racing skies. Any advice? (also any website's I cant find a good deal on 2008/2009 or 2009/2010 models?)



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I would say get the 9+.  It is in fact stiffer than the 8+. but is so because it is Fischer's "expert" frontside ski.  I looked at them in a shop the other day, and didn't seem to be crazy stiff or anything.  The 9+ is stiffer to support better skiers, who tend to ski faster (although unfortunately that's not always the case), while the 8+ isn't as stiff, given that it only has to support an intermediate-advanced skier.  Will the 8+ give you more flex, yes, but it will feel like skiing on rental skis for someone who is an ex-racer.  Get the 9+, as it is stiff enough to satisfy most of your carving needs, but flexible enough to take into bumps and such.  It is probably the most versatile of the frontside expert carver category.

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Ski Depot in Maine ( has the leftover 2009/2010 Progressor 9's w/bindings in stock for a good price, $599.

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I went with the 8 for one reason: better in bumps and a bit more versatile. For ANYTHING else, get the 9 if you are a strong skier, ex racer ect.

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thank you all! I m going with the 9+, since I only do an hour/day of moguls everytime I go skiing.

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I'm also an ex-racer. I went with the 8 because I wanted something a bit more all-around, and with a smaller turning radius (not that there's a huge difference). It took me a few days to get used to it, but I have no problem going fast on it (though, I'm pretty small and light). It's a great ski, but I do however miss my racing skis on icy days. Sometimes i find it being too forgiving. It turns by itself, and there's no challenge. 


Most of the time I do big GS turns, and I don't really use the skis for as much "all arounding" as I expected to, so I'm pretty sure my next ski will be the Progressor 10. 


So if i were to chose between the 8 and the 9 again, I would go for the 9. 

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