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I know this thread is old, but I came across it--top hit--searching for info re: counterfeit gear WHICH CERTAINLY EXISTS. Yes, people are even complaining about counterfeit skis.


So on the off chance another contemporary google search lands on this thread, Burton was prosecuting counterfeit production of snowboard bindings back in 1995. The m.o. at that time was to simply buy an authentic item, introduce it in a foreign manufacturing plant and direct market. 10 years later high-end manufacturers have a longstanding history of outsourcing, and some are aware of certain seedy practices but when it would cost them more to move production elsewhere, guess what? They stay put. So maybe the plant buys more materials than necessary to complete the run, and sells off the remainder after fulfilling the contract. (At least in that instance you are getting something to spec; there are plenty that use inferior materials, too.)


Here is a link to the 1995 case re: counterfeit Burton snowboard bindings.

Given the financial incentive, someone will certainly fake it. Just because the original requires labor intensive craft does not mean the knock-offs bother. Heck... google "China fake food" sometimes. It's sad. In the case of some climbing gear, one manufacturer found that the end-user wouldn't be able to distinguish the legit from counterfeit stuff--but that the fakes failed well before they should in basic performance. (and scroll to the high-lighted section seen at right.)


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