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Ladie's Demo Skis

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Well, somehow I managed to luck out and end up with about the only girl I've ever met in San Antonio who loves to ski. She's an expert skier, but she is tired of the typical rental fare. I'd love to buy her a pair of Volkl Kiku's or Salomon Ladies, so she can shred the pow with me this winter, BUT before plunking down that kinda cash toward a pair of lady skis, I was hoping she could try some first to see if she even likes the twin-tips or rockered skis.


I've had no problem finding Gotama's and such for me to demo, but have never seen "Lady" skis at the slope-side rental shops. I'm sure the skis are pretty much the same, except for the graphics and the lengths, but I'm thinking the women's skis' shorter lengths might be more appropriate for a light-weight woman like her. She's about 5'8 and MAYBE around 120. She's pretty thin.


So my question is how hard (or easy) is it to find lady twin-tips to demo? FWIW, she and I are planning on going to Big Sky together this season.

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Never had a problem finding women's skis to demo when my daughter was shopping a couple of years ago, both locally (NY/VT) and in Park City, where she tried 4 different skis in 5 days and could easily have tried more if she was so inclined.  


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I'm continually amazed at the number of folks that achieve expert levels in skiing on rental gear. Congrats are due to her, that is quite an accomplishment.


So..... a couple of suggestions.


If you are planning for her to demo at Big Sky, I think the folks that would best know what is available there are the folks that work there. Try contacting the shops or the rental shop at the mountain. They can at least tell you who to talk to in the local area.


If she does not have professionally fitted boots, I would start there first. Get her some of those critters and she'll elevate that expert level of ability in no time.



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Absolutely! Boots will be our #1 priority. Thanks for all of the input, everyone! That's reassuring that there should be no problem finding her some good demos. It is amazing how many of us climb the expertise ladder with crappy rental gear. I was shocked the first time I skied on my own custom fit boots, instead of the rental boots. It made me ski SO much better. Then I was dually impressed with what good demo skis (freshly waxed and tuned) did for me. It's a great feeling when you know you've surpassed the capability of your equipment, and that it was your gear and not your ability that was holding you back. :)

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