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Hi , im from Iran and working in the largest ski resort in Iran named "Dizin Int. Ski complex", its almost 25 years since i start learning to ski.

Im a doctor , working with ski patrol group as a medical staff and when there is no emergency calls for me i put my time on improving my carving style techniques. years ago i  participate in slalom and giant slalom competetions...

I bought a "3v salomon" ski and a " salomon course X2 Lab" boot, 2 years ago and it seems after 2 years of every day skiing my boot became a little loose so i want to buy a new boot and my main question is about how advanced is the costum fit boots like salomon X3 10 CS  comparing to race boots which dont have this technology?  are they troughly transfer the force from foot to skies as they said to be?  my other option is to go for "Nordica Dobermann WC EDT 130"


thanks for your tip