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My boys (ages 11 and 13) have been skiing for 2 years, but really caught the bug last season (finally!).  I would like to get both of them their 1st pair of skiis but really don't have a clue about junior equipment - and its been 10 years since I have bought skiis for myself.


Unfortunately, because of a crazy work travel schedule, I missed all the pre-season sales and swaps , so I am looking for a reasonable package for both of them somewhat late in the game. They  are both the same height, but the older one is a bit heavier - 120 pounds, while his younger brother is about 85 pounds.  They are still both beginners - and limit their skiing to trails and intermediate slopes.   Neither needs a freeriding ski - if they end up going backwards, they are in trouble.  They jsut need a stabile ski that is easy to turn.   We rented various pairs last season, at lengths around 140-145 cm.  I would like to keep their skiis as short as possible to ease of turning.


Any suggestions on skiis, and on any places on line I might get a good deal? Any help would be greatly appreciated.