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Streching boot liner toebox

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I've just picked up a pair of head raptor 130 rd boots and I'm having some second thoughts about the sizing. I'm in a 27.5 shell and the shell fit is very tight, about one finger width of room possibly less behind the heel. I am expecting to need to do some boot work going for a downsized shell on a 95mm last.

The problem is that the toe box on the liner is not long enough for my big toes. Everything else is fine, just the big toe is crunched up. With the liner out of the boot I was not able to straighten my toe. I was able to wear both boots for at least 10 minutes or so without collapsing in pain, it's just uncomfortable having the big toes unable to straighten totally even when flexing forward into the boot. I'm used to skiing a tight shell fit and this seems different than just having a squeeze around the toe.

I'll be seeing a local boot fitter to work out a few other small hotspots but I think this shell size would be great if I can get the toe issue worked out. I'm not even sure the shell would need to be punched out for the toes if the liner was a little more accommodating. Is this something that can be easily done, or should I be looking to return these and go to the larger 28 shell which would probably need less work to be comfortable. Am I stuck with crunched toes until the heel packs out a bit?

Thanks in advance for any help! Surprisingly searching on the topic wasn't getting me much.
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Just use a hair dryer and your fist....a liner stretch is easy....only takes a minute.  Infact you can probably skip the hair dryer...

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That was quick and exactly what I was hoping to hear. I'll give that a go and see if it takes.
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It will...you might have to do it two or three times, but it will take.

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you can check to see how the shell WILL fit later, bu putting in your old liner, and see how that feels too.   If that feels fine, then just use the new liner, in an old shell, to stretch it out.  Once the new liner is stretched in a few days, then put it back in the new shell, do the punches and grinds, and you are all good.

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I could definitely ski the new liner in the old boots a few days. Thanks for the idea. I did previously put the old liner in the new boot and while it's still a tight fit it's not quite as cramped. I'm guessing it might need a slight toe punch but that's not a big deal.
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Had a similar experience with my current boots - the shell size was perfect, but the liners were a little short and narrow around toes. The fitter I was working with heated the liners in some kind of oven, put some foam caps over my toes (under my socks), and had me stand in the boots for 5 or 10 minutes. It wasn't particularly comfortable, but it did the trick.


If you're going to see a fitter anyway, might as well leave this to him, but it seems like if you're careful about the heating part, this is something you could easily do yourself.

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If the boots are not comfortable from the get go they never will be.


My advice would be try finding a more comfortable boot.

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Originally Posted by steamboat1 View Post

If the boots are not comfortable from the get go they never will be.


My advice would be try finding a more comfortable boot.

That's horrible advice.  Strike this from the record.

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I spent some time on them last night with a hairdryer and makeshiift toecap and had positive results. I wouldn't say I was able to stretch it out very far but I was probably being a little conservative since I was worried about overheating the glue that holds the liner bottom sole to the liner. The upside was that it did make a noticeable difference, and enough that I think I could ski the boots as-is now and let normal use stretch the rest. I'll still be checking in with the fitter to make sure the stance is setup properly but now I should be able to get s day or two in before hand to find out if there are any hotspots that show up after skiing in them.

Thanks for the help!
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Many moons ago I had to stretch a set of liners too.  What I did was take some old shoes I had and covered them with duct tape.  Then I put the liners in hot water (not boiling though) for about 10 minutes.  Once the liners were good and hot I slid the shoes into the liners.  Of course I chose shoes that would give them just the right amount of stretch that I needed.  I left them that way for a week while the liners dried out and stretched.  Worked like a charm. 


I decided to go that route because years and years before I screwed up a set of liners trying to go the hair dryer route.

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