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Zoned Tuning as Per Slide Wright

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I was reading the tuning tips on the Slide Wright web site and am intrigued with the idea of sharper edges under foot and progressively less sharp as you move away from the binding area.  Does anybody have experience with the process and/or the results?

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Correction: Zoning per SkiVisions and reprinted in SlideWright Tuning Tips:



If you really “get” that edge tuning is a perfect balance of grip, slip and glide, and you learn how to effectively analyze your edges with the Tuning Stick, the last step is “zoning”, the method to make your skis magical.

Ideal ski tuning makes it float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.  If you want that effect, zoning is required.  The beauty of the SkiVisions approach to zoning, though, is that it is easy; anyone can do it!  The sting comes from a sharp ski edge under-foot and the float comes an edge that is progressively less sharp out towards the ends.

So how do you zone tune the edges?  Let’s say the running surface of the ski is 60 inches in length. That can be broken down into approximately three 20 inch sections and tuned as follows:

1.  The 20 inch section under-foot is tuned sharp.

2.  The other 20 inch sections (shovel section in front, tail section in rear) are tuned progressively less sharp.  That is done by using overlapping strokes with the Ski Sharp wherein you do fewer repeats as to move towards the tip or tail. Fewer repeats means less work on the edge and less sharpening.

This is point loading.  There is nothing new with the concept of point loading and ski tuning, but the SkiVisions approach is both unique and the most effective method of producing and controlling point loading using the Ski Sharp, Tuning Stick, and the SkiVisions tuning techniques.

Keep in mind, when zone tuning the edges, frequently checking your progress with the Tuning Stick is critical to track your progress and to accurately compare your edge tuning from ski to ski.


Along with the zoning concept, SkiVisions owner, inventor and manufacturer, Mark Sewell has several 'non-mainstream' ideas and beliefs about ski and snowboard tuning and base prep. I personally have not tried the zoning approach to tuning so I can't comment from experience, but I trust and respect Mark's perspective. You can always try this approach and then progressively make the edges sharper to compare.


I'm sure we have all experienced the reverse were the edges in the mid-section get dull faster than the tips and tails and know what that is like. wink.gif

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