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So, I got a a killer deal on some 2009 Prophet 90s that were ridden "6 times" last year according to the guy from craigslist I bought them from. The bindings that are mounted are Salomon Z10 and I'm not sure if I should just leave them on there and having them check the release at the shop when I take the skis in to get tuned/waxed in a week or so. I had thought about buying a set of Marker Griffons to have them mount on the skis since I know they're brand new and shouldn't have any problems with them.


I haven't seen a lot of feed back on the Z10s but I have seen much positive review of the Griffons. I am going to ski pretty much everything but rails in the park and would consider myself an upper intermediate skier. I also have a couple clinics planned this winter so I hope to improve my skills considerably. I'll be skiing switch a bit more this year as well since I have a set of true twin tips now.


Any suggestions?